Which Type of Bicycle Rider Are You?

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Which Type of Bicycle Rider Are You?

October 6, 2016 Bicycle Adventures 2

What type of bicycle rider are you?

Thanks to marketers and advertisers everywhere we like to put people into categories. Why? Well, it makes it easier to “Sell” to them my dear. Although I am not a fan of being “Sold To” personally, I understand why it happens. And…if I am being honest…I don’t fancy living in a cardboard box and I wouldn’t make a good dumpster diver, so it is important to me too.

Which brings me to this post. Knowing the different types of riders and their individual needs will help me to provide better bicycle concierge services. Plus, I can advise businesses on services they can offer to cater to the different types of riders. Myself I fall into several categories, but there are definitely a few I don’t identify with. So, what type of rider are you? (I will tell you at the end which ones I am.)

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Daily Commuter

Includes cyclists commuting to work, school or shopping, or running other errands by bike. The intent of such bicyclists is to reach their destination as effortless, fast and safe as possible. The bicycle is used as a means of transportation. Experts have calculated that in cities as much as 75% of the distances now made by motor vehicles could be traveled by bikes or on foot.

Sports Cycling (road and mountain)

This category includes various practice and competition types of cycling, such as road cycling and mountain biking of different types (downhill, climb, parallel slalom, stage race, acrobatics, cross-country, adventure orientation race), track cycling of different types, as well as duathlon and triathlon cycling.

Sports-Recreational Cycling

These are recreational athletes seeking relaxation and entertainment, as well as wishing to become fit as cyclists and potentially train to participate at various cycling events and sports-recreational races.


Vertical Earth (one of our listed Bicycle shops on the site) Cycling Team

Trip Cycling (Daily Recreational Cycling)

The duration of the ride does not exceed a single day. People ride to spend time in nature with relatively modest intensity. What matters to cyclists is the experience, comfort, and safety on the road. The length of daily recreational cycling ranges between 25 and 50 miles and does not exceed 80 miles. Trips can be made in combination with other means of transport (e.g. car, bus, train).

Bicycle Touring

Duration of these rides extends over several days. The destination and route are defined by the cyclists before the start. When choosing the route, what matters is tourist infrastructure, natural beauty, various attractions, and bicycle-friendly places. It is important for cyclists to have rest areas along the road, water supplies, lookout spots, tourist information, cycling maps/guides, as well as information about the difficulty of different route options, and about bicycle-friendly accommodation.

Mountain Biking

Riding typically takes place in forest and hilly areas, with cyclists being particularly attracted to unspoiled nature, irregular terrains, increased difficulty, and choice of possible locations. An interesting option is a single track, where sometimes you have to hire a local guide. Mountain bikers are usually young men and women, who are interesting to the tourist industry for being sports cyclists, recreational cyclists, trip cyclists, bicycle tourers, and adventure cyclists.

Family on a bicycle ride looking at map

Family on a bicycle ride looking at map

Tourist Cycling

This is a combination of different types of cycling (trip cycling, mountain biking, bike touring, etc.). In this type, cyclists are tourists, either domestic or foreign, experiencing the natural beauty, cultural attractions, and ethnic customs of certain places and tourist regions.

Family Cycling

Of all of the types of bicycling this is the most important as it enhances family ties and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Families with children look for safe and easy cycling trails. Because of different wishes, needs, and time available, different types of programs can be created for different types of families.

I am sure that some of you already had an idea of where you fit in these categories, but maybe you saw something that sparked your interest to try something new. As for me the categories you will find me in our Family Cycling, Tourist Cycling, Daily Recreational Cycling, and Daily Commuter. Tom, would add Sports Cycling and Mountain Biking to his list along with the same ones I am in. It really all boils down to Loving to ride no matter what type of bicyclist you are!

If you feel like sharing, I would Love to hear about where you fit and any interesting story about why you Love riding the way you do! (Especially if you have a story about riding in Coeur d’Alene or the surrounding area.)

Jamie Lynn


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