When Things Seem Dark and Dank

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

When Things Seem Dark and Dank

March 30, 2019 Personal Stuff Self Improvement 0

Been a Rough Couple of Weeks


Dear Diary,

It has been a tough couple of weeks personally. Had someone violate our home and steal seven vintage bicycles out of our garage. One of them was the first bicycle my husband took from a rusty frame and built for me.

Then today someone hit and ran on our 1963 Mercury Comet sitting outside our home. No note didn’t stop, and I couldn’t get outside fast enough to stop them. Son saw the whole thing happen and I saw them driving away. 

Bicycle Stolen from Our Garage

Not Happy With Humanity

All day I have been disgusted with society and sad that I feel like the world is losing its humanity. Then I remember a moment that happened a couple of weeks ago. 

If you haven’t been following along, I made the chose to ride my bicycle as my main form of transportation. Which, I have been doing for the past 14 months. Yes, even in the snow and rain. 

Finding The Light

This spoke to me in so many ways

I had an appointment in Rathdrum that I had scheduled weeks earlier which happened to fall on a day right after the last snowfall we had. Even though I knew there would be areas that would be challenging to ride even on my Fat Tire bicycle I was determined to ride from my home in mid-downtown Coeur d’Alene to Rathdrum. 

On the day of the ride, things were going well until I reached the end of the Prairie Trail at Huetter. The cars always travel miles over the posted speed, and there is no bike lane, and the shoulder was nearly nonexistent because of the snow. For a moment I considered calling it quits. 

When You Want to Give Up

As I was getting ready to call the client to tell them we would need to reschedule…coming from South of me was another rider on a fat tire bicycle. As they turned to ride past me headed east on the trail, I asked – “How was it?” 

Now, this is a moment I won’t soon forget. The person responded with “Don’t give up.” What?! Did I hear that right? Well, I guess I better not give up. After a brief moment, I got on my bicycle to continue the ride into Rathdrum. 

My bicycle in Rathdrum Idaho

The Moral of the Story Is

There is a bit more to the story with my ride back home that I will save for another post, but as I sit here disgusted and losing a bit of faith. This moment runs through my head. 

I will not give up! Even in the darkest of times. There is always a light shining even when at first you cannot see it.