When It Hurts So Good

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

When It Hurts So Good

March 26, 2017 Self Improvement 1

Getting myself ready for 30 Days of Biking which starts on April 1st. Been out riding a bit and this week I almost made it to my weekly goal of 25 miles. Needless to say my legs are feeling it! Guess I wasn’t quite ready for a 9 mile ride. Amazing how when you don’t ride for 3 months your muscles forget.

Rare occasion that the Kroc wasn’t busy

Next week, I have a couple opportunities for significant miles. Up to Appleway one day and then out to Hayden on another. Figure I will rest up today, tomorrow, and Monday only going out for short trips, if I go out at all. Feels so good to be out riding again though! I start to hate getting back behind the wheel of a car. (Unless I am in my Comet that is.)

The Comet and Tom’s Schwinn


Not only is April 1st the start of 30 Days of Biking it is also the start of Idaho Craft Beer Month. Kind of fitting as bicycles and beer go together like caramel and apples, (I HATE peas and beans, so this is my version of a similar phrase). Will be an interesting month to say the least. Watch for some videos about my adventures. Cheers and Ride On!

Jamie Lynn

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