Welcome To My Boise Idaho Culinary Adventure #harvestidaho13 #visitidaho

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Welcome To My Boise Idaho Culinary Adventure #harvestidaho13 #visitidaho

August 28, 2013 Bicycle Adventures 1

There are moments when blogging and the extra 40 pounds you have put on actually pay off! A recent blogging trip to Boise Idaho was one of those moments.

Over the last four years I have been writing and posting about the adventures my husband Tom and I have while riding our Vintage Bicycles here and there and eventually everywhere. Oddly enough all these adventures seem to center around places to find really good food and drinks, go figure (hence the 4o extra pounds). Because I have developed a following of people wanting to hear about these trips, the Idaho Department of Commerce’s Tourism Development Division asked me to join a Culinary Tour of the Boise Idaho area. I promptly said yes and this post as well as several others over the next couple of weeks will highlight my favorite moments from that trip.

Let the story begin:

2013-06-15 19.49.52-1

Tom and I drove our car from Hayden to Boise so we could bring along our own bicycles to ride that way there wouldn’t be a learning curve for a rental. We left on Tuesday evening around 5:30pm and drove as far as Lewiston where we stayed the night. The entire drive to Boise from Hayden is about 7 hours and we didn’t really feel the need to push all that hard the first day.

I am going to skip over most of the Lewiston experience just because…well…lets just say it was uninspiring except for our breakfast on Wednesday morning. The breakfast is worth mentioning, so watch for that in the next post. In the mean time here are some resources for you to check out before we pick up where we left off.

Where We Stayed:

Overnight at The Modern





Overnight at The Riverside Hotel



Bicycle Rentals Close to The Modern:

Idaho Mountain Touring – Chris Haunold is owner



Idaho Mountain Touring

1310 W. Main

Boise, ID 83702




The posts that I do will always include bicycling resources, but if you want to get a different perspective there were a few other people along on this trip and you can read their stories here:

Marc Smith– Vancouver BC




Lauren Ashley Van Mullen – California



Michael Guillen –San Francisco


Ron Gardner – Boise – Videographer


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