We Had a Heat Wave Today

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

We Had a Heat Wave Today

January 4, 2019 Bicycle Adventures Self Improvement 0

Dear Diary,

Ok… I may have gone on a tangent yesterday. But there are no take backs and I stand behind everything I said.

What I want everyone to know though, is that for every day I lose my composure, there are so many days and moments that make me smile!

When It is 40 Degrees in January

I was like a kid at Christmas today! I woke up to 43 degrees Fahrenheit for a daily high which meant my ride out to Hayden was going to be a breeze.

A breeze you say?

Well it was a breeze for me, because it meant I could bring Amelia Violet (my Cannondale road bike) out of the basement. I Love Maya Gold (my fat tire bike) but it takes me 60 minutes to get to Hayden vs. 35 on Amelia. It was also a reminder of how I enjoy riding distances.

Let’s Ride

My daily commute has become a habit, and, riding my bicycle, well… anywhere…has become “what I do”. What I am realizing is a fire is ignited when I am riding distances. When I am traveling further than the norm something is activated that says ride further…

I remember what freedom the bicycle gave me when I was a kid, but this is a different kind of freedom.


Riding my bicycle as my main form of transportation means:

  1. I need to get up earlier,
  2. I have to be conscious of my time
  3. I get to say Hello to the people I pass
  4. I am conscious of my surroundings
  5. I get to reconnect with the world around me.

For every complaint or gripe I have, there are so many more stories of the things I have discovered (including finding myself). I feel energized and ready for the next ride!

Finding Your Peace

There is something empowering about being in control of your own time. Imagine 30-60 minutes being in your own headspace. What would that mean to you? To me it has meant so much.

So many times we get lost in being a partner, a parent, a friend, a business owner, an employee, a volunteer, a community member.

Where are YOU?

When I ride it provides the opportunity to realize that I can be all of the “personas” I portray and still not lose myself.

That has not always been the case. Feeling alone, disconnected, and helpless were things I knew all to well. But, now because I have found something that makes me slow down and not rush there is so much peace in that.

What brings you clarify and joy?