Turning 48 Didn’t Feel Different Than 47

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Turning 48 Didn’t Feel Different Than 47

January 5, 2019 Personal Stuff 0

Dear Diary,

January 5th, 2018 was my 48th Birthday. I have to say it didn’t feel any different than last year or the year before.

Went Out to Eat

I spent part of the day at Lake City Bicycle Collective and then my husband took me out to eat at our new favorite place The Midtown Bluebird. It was a nice walk over from the bike shop.

Had a really good steak and fries and a super sweet carrot cake for dessert.

Walk Back and Night With My Kids

After dinner we walked back to the non-profit bike shop and then went home since it was still early I was able to watch a couple movies with my kids.

It was the best way to spend a birthday and I wouldn’t change a thing!