Took the Wrong Pill and Entered the Matrix

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Took the Wrong Pill and Entered the Matrix

September 12, 2016 Self Improvement 3

This is my new way to describe mid-life…it is like we are given a choice…red pill or blue pill.

Depending on which one we swallow:

You either go on looking for your value in the approval of others and things go on as usual.


You suddenly realize you are in the Matrix and you don’t give a shit what others think and nothing goes on as usual.

I have no idea which pill gives what result, but I took the one that makes you suddenly feel like you have entered the Matrix (without the super-powers, but I will have the clothes and the sunglasses).

My tolerance for childish school yard behavior, people not being real with each other, and the utter nonsense that seems to get other people all worked up is gone. Why this happened I can not say. It could be that my expiration date is closer, which makes time so much more precious. Or, it could be that my bullshit box is full and it won’t fit anything else. Whatever the reason I am going to be honest with you…IT FEELS FABULOUS!

Saying No comes so much easier, I only support the causes I want to support,  if I don’t want to get out of bed until noon then I don’t get out of bed until noon, I will wear what I want even if it is totally out of style, and I will have purple hair.

“This author said it best there is a blurb below: Written by  FEBRUARY 11, 2014 in Conscious EvolutionConscious LivingHappiness & Humor with 54

  • I don’t care what people think of me (there opinions are none of my business)
  • I don’t care what other’s expect of me (I’m doing my best!)
  • I don’t care if I die tomorrow (acceptance rather than denial)
  • I don’t care about my career or where I thought I was heading just a few months ago (it’s not really that important in the greater scheme of things)
  • I don’t care if I end up under a bridge (bridges can be quite nice actually)
  • I don’t care if this world is or isn’t experiencing a shift of paradigm (such hype!)
  • I don’t care if everything I believe to be true isn’t (ooh, there’s a big one!)
  • I don’t care that I don’t care (this is where I stick my tongue out)
  • I don’t care….well, yes, I’m sure you get the picture now…

Now don’t get me wrong…I am not going to pitch a tent under a bridge tomorrow and become a street performer. Because…

My family is still extremely important to me and that will never change. I Love them, so they will have to deal with being embarrassed by me in public until I leave this world.

I will continue to do the BEST job possible for all my clients old and new because of the satisfaction that comes from the positive results we accomplish together.

As well as any non-profit organization I am affiliated with, they will receive great things from me be that money, time, or talent.

I am NOT changing who I AM at my core, the only thing that is changing is that outside forces will no longer make me feel like I have to be someone I am NOT.

Now if you will excuse me…a cup of dry Fruit Loops, a glass of Carménère, and the “Murdoch Mysteries” on Netflix are calling my name.