Somedays You Just Don’t Want To Do Anything 

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Somedays You Just Don’t Want To Do Anything 

January 27, 2016 Self Improvement 0

Call it the winter blues, new year malaise, or cabin fever. I haven’t been very motivated lately. I have completed some projects, but motivation to get out and do anything except buy groceries is definitely not on my dance card.

I think it is because I my body missed riding my bike every day. Probably those endorphins that people keep rattling on about. Exercise of any kind releases them I have been told, but my idea of a push up is when I lift myself out of my chair.

I would rather feel the wind on my face, smell the fresh air, and actually hear the birds singing in the trees. Although my arms did look pretty good when I was weight training a couple times a week. Gyms immediately put me in germaphobe mode though…”Wipe down the machines when you are finished”! I spend a majority of my gym time wiping down machines before I work out.

On the bright side, it may actually be motivating me to become an all weather rider instead of a fair weather rider. But don’t hold me to anything…I may change my mind the first time I get soaking wet!

What type of exercise do you like to do that doesn’t seem like work?