Rubber Tire Adventures in the Inland Northwest

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Rubber Tire Adventures in the Inland Northwest

July 24, 2014 Bicycle Adventures 0

The Rubber Tire Adventures are here! High gas prices, plus the end of the proverbial “two week” vacation has prompted many people to choose weekend trips and stay-cations as an alternative. Since Tom and I are both self employed, being able to get away for an entire week (let alone two weeks) is just about impossible, so weekend getaways, short trips and stay-cations are about all we can eek out.

This will be a journal of those trips and hopefully give other travelers some information they can use for their next adventure away from home, or provide those that live here in the Inland Northwest some new ideas for things to do.

Adventure Guidelines:

  • Trips will be no more than 500 miles from our home in Hayden Idaho
  • Can get there by car, truck, bus or bicycle. (Airplanes have rubber tires, but for these trips planes are out, as are trains because they do not have rubber tires.)
  • There will be lots of photos and/or videos documenting everything.

(Some ideas for things to do in the Inland Northwest during summer: Summer outdoor bucket list: must-dos in the Inland Northwest)

Let the Fun of the Rubber Tire  Adventures begin, Cheers and Ride On!

Tom and Jamie Morgan