Self Reflection

Rebuilding Website – F-U Hackers

Well, what a lovely surprise I got today. From 10 PM on Wednesday night to today at 1:30 PM hackers compromised my website and were redirecting people to a malware site.

Did everything I could on my end to try and remove the redirect and GoDaddy wanted me to pay $300 for software to fix it. I opted to delete everything and start over with an entirely new database and website. Faster and cheaper, unless you count the hours it is going to take me to recreate some of my content.

(Secretly thinking the automobile industry has black hat hackers on their payroll out compromising any site that may make people stop driving their gas guzzling pollution machines.)

I can safely say that I am not exactly thrilled about having to do this as I now have lost YEARS of posts. Lesson learned I need to keep a copy of all my posts in a word doc in my Dropbox folder so at the very least I will have something to re-create some of them from.

On the bright side, when I was talking about a new beginning to start tracking my pedaled miles more diligently from 4000 total miles of riding it has meant a TOTALLY NEW for a lot of things.

Some people REALLY SUCK!!!

I am not a cyclist. โ€” I am a wife, mother of three, business owner, business coach, community advocate, & human being who happens to ride a bicycle.