Patience In a Fast Food World Is Sometimes Hard

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Patience In a Fast Food World Is Sometimes Hard

August 8, 2017 Resources 0

Patience In a Fast Food World Is Sometimes Hard

Raise your hand if you have ever lost your mind because the website you are on only has one contact portal. You have to call them.

What?! “Why do you even have a website if I have to call you?” “What do you mean I can’t just click a button to talk to someone right now?” “How does your business even function this way!?”

And…how many of us move on to the business that offers us another faster way to contact them? This is a reality that for some business owners, especially those in areas where high-speed internet is non-existent, have to adapt to.


Great, Now I Need to Spend More Money

Which doesn’t mean they have to run out and purchase an expensive satellite system. It means they need to be more transparent. Tell the truth right up front. “We do business in a remote area of the world. That means access to high-speed internet or even cell phone service is not an option”

Then explain why their business is located where it is. Could be a way of life, ability to unplug, can focus more on the customer relationship, whatever their “why” is they should let people know.

Being upfront with limitations is a good way to avoid reviews from people who a business hasn’t even done business with. You have seen them…”Left a message and they didn’t even call me back” “Took forever for them to respond”


My Pouty Face

Soap Box Moment

Personally, I think anyone who has the time to leave reviews for businesses that they didn’t actually receive a service from has too much time on their hands. Really?! They didn’t immediately call you back? Didn’t show up for an appointment time? Call someone else! Move on. It is not about the principal… you look like a petty whiner. (Disclaimer: Business owners I don’t suggest responding to reviews calling them a petty whiner. Either ignore them or respond with facts.)

I recently had an experience in a restaurant that I frequent. Sat there 15 minutes before anyone even brought us water and another 5 of being ignored prompted us to leave. The thought of jumping onto Google, Yelp, or Facebook didn’t even cross my mind. I went somewhere else. My rule is I only leave a review after repeated offenses or shortfalls. Or, here is a novel thought – I don’t go back.


My Bicycles

Fast Is Not Always Better

We currently live in a world where virtually anything someone could want is at their fingertips. There are drive thru convenience stores! Living and working in and around this reality can be a challenge for business owners and customers alike. Businesses need to be more upfront and transparent while as customers we need to learn patience.

Upfront, to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Transparent, so YOU set the expectations.

Patience, because the reality is, not everything can be as quick as a burger and fries at the fast food drive thru.


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