Not Every Day Can Be a Play Day

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Not Every Day Can Be a Play Day

February 3, 2016 Self Improvement 0

Unfortunatly, every day can’t be a day spent out and about. There are things to do around the house and of course I have work to do for my clients. Was up early for a weekly networking breakfast first thing this morning, but after that it was time to get in some house clean up before getting to work.

Since I take full advantage of my Amazon Prime Membership with free 2 day shipping; a mountain of boxes always seems to form in a corner. They usually stay there until I can’t stand to look at them anymore. Then they are broken down and put in the recycle bin. Thought I would do that first since it is my least “non-favorite” clean up task.


I am actually wishing I had more of the Mint Chocolate Oreo ones

And then…well and then…I actually just went to work. There were dishes to put in the dishwasher etc. etc., but my motivation wained. Seemed like a good time to plant myself in front of my computer to be witty and creative. Fortunately, my clients make that pretty easy for me. Never boring in the world of Food and Travel!

I am now still doing a bit of work; while I sit enjoying my Pizza Hut Delivery dinner (cooked the rest of the week decided to take a break), glass of Idaho Wine, and watching “The Boonies” on Hulu in the background.

What did you do today?


Jamie Lynn

  1. If you want to join me on Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime (I get $5 when you sign up.)
  2. Wine I am drinking- “Go Idaho”: Wild Meadows Red Beauty Red Blend
  3. Want to know what I do for living: Idaho Bike Life
  4. “The Boonies” has a guy that lives in caves. I HATE narrow, dark, places! Freaking out a bit as I watch him climb down in this tiny tunnel. “I…can’t…breath”!!!!
  5. Also, my bum still hurts from the bicycle ride on Tuesday night. Lesson learned!