No Car Sunday North Idaho

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No Car Sunday North Idaho

January 6, 2019 Advocacy Community 0

Going Car Free For One Day

Dear Diary,

Instead of New Years Resolutions this year I decided I would instead choose projects to facilitate or be part of. This year one of those projects is going to be Car Free Sunday. It is typically a one day international event that happens on September 22nd every year. We are going to do it a bit different.

Once per month on a Sunday we are going to do a special get together, then rest of the time we are going to encourage people to ditch the car for at least one day per week. They get to choose what day and what they do on that day.

Figuring Out the Details

All the details aren’t completely ironed out yet, but it will evolve as we go. Really what I want to do this for is to provide me with the data I need to be more effective as an advocate in North Idaho for non-motorized transportation and how public transportation fits into it.

I want to make it possible for more people who would be willing to get out of their metal boxes to do it because it is a more feasible option. To do that I need to know what it is that discourages them from doing it now.

Met For the First Time January 6th, 2018

I knew we wouldn’t get a lot of people to show up on short notice, but to have three other people besides Tom and I show up was a success for me. We had a chance to chat about a lot of things and add some ideas to what I was already thinking.

Was also great because the other three people who showed up had never been to the White Pine on Fourth, so that was a win. Hopefully, they will be back to visit again. I know I LOVE their Mocha De Muerte. They actually add that extra bit of heat that it should have along with the chocolate.

Introducing local businesses to local people especially when it is a business in their neighborhood is another tier to what we want to accomplish.

Join Us In Your Community

I am also a bit selfish and hope that other people also decide to do something like it in their cities, towns, counties, and states. The more people we get choosing to not drive a motor vehicle the better a world it will be for everyone. Even the people who still want or feel they need to drive

If you were to do this in your city, what would it look like? Share your ideas with us!!!