My Longest Ride On a Long Weekend

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

My Longest Ride On a Long Weekend

May 29, 2018 Bicycle Adventures Bicycle Tips Self Improvement 0

Three Day Weekend and My Longest Ride


Since the beginning of the year, my bicycle has been my main form of transport. Riding to my marketing/coaching position at the North Idaho Small Business Development Center is about 5 miles a day with extra mileage happening when I ride to errands, meetings, leisure, and recreation. So far I have made 283 trips via my bike, for a total of 612 miles, burning 22,641 calories, and keeping 437 lbs of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Until Sunday the longest trip I had taken was a bit over 30 miles. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do double that and feel FABULOUS while doing it. But on Sunday Tom and I rode from home to the Spokane Valley for a total of 61 miles. I have to tell you I am so excited!!!! I used to cry when we did our Post Falls to Spokane rides which were about 70 miles over two days.

Going to Hit The Trail

Riding the entire Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes in a day now looks like a real possibility. It is really amazing how even doing small trips daily can help get your body ready for longer rides. Evidenced by what happened this weekend. There are so many things I am learning along the way too!

    1. You can wear your own clothes when riding. No special clothing required.
    2. You can arrive at work and not be a sweaty mess. Leave a bit early, ride at a steady pace, and dress for the weather.
    3. Burt Bees Facial Wipes are the best for doing a quick sweat clean up if needed. (In 90+ degree weather you sweat no matter how slow you ride)
    4. There is a unique kind of freedom that I have found choosing to ride instead of drive.
    5. You get way more Vitamin D when you choose to ride. Vitamin D = Happiness.
    6. Losing weight and gaining muscle and still enjoy my favorite foods, dessert, and adult beverages whenever I want.
    7. Not on any special diet, but choosing healthy options because they make me feel better for riding.
    8. Shop for what need and avoid impulse buys because I can only carry so much on my bicycle.
    9. Shopping less online and finding local shops to buy from because I want to ride more not less.
    10. I honestly HATE getting behind the wheel and driving now.

My Local Economic Impact

Along with getting healthier, I am also considering doing a video diary of how my riding journey is going. (Have to get over my video phobia first though.) Until then, I am going to start keeping track of what my economic impact is here locally and regionally. I think there are some myths that people on bikes are cheapskates. I want to dispel that if it does exist. Plus, I want to know how much of my money is staying here in the community too!