Monday Childhood Flashback : The Great Backyard Escape

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Monday Childhood Flashback : The Great Backyard Escape

March 8, 2016 Bicycle Adventures 0

Once upon a time, in a town far away, five cousins hatched a plan to escape their grandparents backyard. 

As children my two cousins, my sister, my brother, and I would be shipped off to our grandparents in Anaconda Montana for a week every summer. Apparently our parents needed a break or something. Because I never got the feeling Gramma Flo and Papa Emil were all that thrilled with having us. 

I am sure the reality we remember as children is probably a bit skewed, but there are two things that are undeniable. 

1. We were always locked outside after breakfast and were to remain there all day until dinner. Lunch was provided to us on the patio.The fence was eight feet tall and almost impossible to climb and locked from the outside.

2. Every day we would devise a plan to escape the backyard. That is…until we figured it out. Then all we needed to do is be back in the yard at lunch time and then again for dinner. Good thing our grandparents were punctual or it never would have worked.  

It took some cooperation coupled with some heavy lifting the first time. Two people had to go over to unlock the gate to let the rest out. After a few times of that, we figured out how to jam something in the gate so it looked closed, but we could still open it from the inside. 

Once we tasted sweet FREEDOM we ran all over downtown Anaconda. Only returning to the backyard for lunch and dinner each day. One of our favorite pastimes was playing Hide and Seek in the cemetery on the hill. From there we could watch downtown for signs we had been found out. Besides, what kid doesn’t want to hang out all day in a old cemetery?!


Along with playing Hide and Seek another favorite thing was to walk around reading the names, engravings, seeing all the different years, and the different headstones. I think even a few times we had picked flowers from gramma’s garden and took with us to put on some of the babies graves.

We may have been backyard fugitives, but we were always respectful. No vandalizing, desecrating, or any other shenanigans you would expect a band of youths to commit. Our parents had taught us well. Eventually we were found out and our adventuring was put to an end. But oh, the fun we had while we were on the loose!

Although not all the memories of those weeks are fond ones for me. The Great Backyard Escapes were some of the best times I had with my siblings and cousins!  

What memories do you have from your childhood that make you smile when something reminds you of them? 

This memory was triggered by a shared Facebook post that showed up in my Timeline. Here is the article:  Anaconda’s City of the Dead