Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Oh NO!!!

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Oh NO!!!

December 27, 2017 Advocacy Self Improvement 0

It Was a White Holiday

If I am being totally honest, which is what this blog is supposed to be, I was hoping it would be a snowless winter. I know, I live in North Idaho, in winter there will most likely be snow. But a girl can dream can’t she? Now my snowmobiling, skiing, and winter sports friends will be very disappointed in me for having this wish. I already question how we can be friends because of this snow love disparity, so let’s leave that one alone, shall we?!

Why do I not want snow you ask? Well for starters, I was like the grasshopper and didn’t prepare properly for this white stuff to arrive. The tires on my everyday bicycles are still far too skinny and my vintage cruiser, although it has wider tires, still slips on ice. It is all selfish really, I was hoping to not have to “get ready” for these conditions. Alas, now that it has arrived I am forced to prepare to be riding in snow.

Snowy Moonscape

Giving Up My Vehicle for 2018

I have been saying it for 3 years now, so I guess it is time to put my words into action. Husband is going to be using the mini-van for his HVAC repair business, we are going to sell the two older pickups (crappy mileage), the Comet will be for summer special occasion driving by my husband, (or for emergency driving by me), and the oldest daughter will have her Festiva to drive the other two kids around. Which means…drum roll, please…I will be riding my bicycle(s), using public transport when needed, and bumming rides when absolutely necessary.

Excited and scared would describe how I am feeling about it. I know it means a bit more planning will be needed, but a lot of that I have already been doing with the 1000 miles I rode this year. There are no wardrobe changes necessary as you would know if you have been reading my blog for any length of time. Only thing I need to consider now is whether I am going to invest in yet another bicycle or not. Should I buy a fat bike or modify my riding to make the bicycles I already own work?

Bicycles on Snowy Road

I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a fat bike if I wanted. We chose a long time ago not have car payments, no credit cards, and use cash for purchases. No cash to afford it, we don’t buy it. Based on our tax returns we are at the bottom of the middle-class bracket, but our financial choices still make the ends meet, room for non-necessity purchases, and have a bit of time for a bicycle non-profit.

The question is, does riding the fat bike make my statements about anyone can ride year around less impactful? Not everyone can afford more than one bicycle. For me, choosing to ride year round means making my life healthier, more meaningful, and less stressful; but I also want to show people that it is possible to choose to ride instead of drive if you want to.

Maybe I just answered my own question…would LOVE your feedback though, so please comment away!