Less Waste Equals Less Waist

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Less Waste Equals Less Waist

August 1, 2017 Self Improvement 0

Monday this week started something new in the Morgan household. After cleaning out the refrigerator on Sunday I made a bold decision. We waste too much food.

A normal store visit would mean buying food for several days, stocking up on staples, and filling a cart to the brim. What then happens is a few days later I am throwing things into the trash. Fruit goes bad, something ends up in the back out of sight, or it is just easier to order in than cook.

Well… that is all going to change! Sorry Mr. Delivery, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. My investment in your business is going to be significantly smaller from now on. What I started on Monday is a buy what we need for the day meal plan.

I get up in the morning with a list of the items I need to make Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for the day. Included with those items are staple purchases in non-costcoesque sizes, but only if we are totally out. Staple examples include wild rice, flour, sugar, etc.

Then I get on my bicycle and ride little over a mile to Pilgrims Market to purchase what we need. It has to all fit into two of my handy dandy reusable shopping bags. Plus fit easily into the insulated bag on my bicycle rack and my medium sized backpack.

In only two days I already see the difference this is going to make. First, it gets me up and moving first thing in the morning. Second, I am not buying a bunch of unhealthy snacks 'cause they won't fit. Third, I am cooking instead of delivery or fast food because I actually have all the ingredients I need. Fourth, we can make healthier choices – (Except this morning, because the Twitter poll I did said cook biscuits and gravy and my kids agreed).

Ultimately, all of these changes I am making provide opportunities for my passions to become part of my daily life. Bicycles, The Arts, and Creating a Stronger Community. If you are following along you will start to see how!

Recap if you have missed it:

1. Choose to ride my bicycle instead of drive. Especially for short trips within a few miles of my home. Ultimately, become year round rider

2. Creating a uniform: Putting together a small wardrobe of pieces that I can ride in, play in, work in, and dress up in.

3. Recycle MORE: Buy used unless I can't find it, (Used pants are sometimes an issue for me. I am 5'11 with a 35" inseam, but have found Thredup.com and have had some success)

4. Spend money with locally owned businesses

5. If have to buy from non- local owned choose a community minded business.

6. Support the arts, as they make a place a place people want to live.

7. Buy food for the day and order delivery and take out less.

Have you started to do certain things to make your journey a bit more pleasant here on earth?