Is It Actually Your Opinion or Is it Memorex?

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Is It Actually Your Opinion or Is it Memorex?

December 27, 2017 Resources 0
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Is It Real or Is It Memorex?

Something curious happened to me the other day. While browsing the internet I came across some pretty scathing reviews of Netflix’s new movie “Bright”. In spite of the reviews, I decided I would watch it anyway. I pride myself on being “open-minded” and capable of forming my own opinions. What happened while watching it was not what I expected though.

I kept questioning whether what I read had influenced what I was feeling about the movie. It started out really slow and I was a bit confused about why Fairies, Orcs, and other mythical beings were living alongside humans in the modern world. Now was I really not enjoying it, or was it because of what I had read earlier?

More Confused Than Ever

As I watched it I started to feel for the characters and found myself cheering for them during the battle scenes. But again, I questioned whether I had actually started to like it or was I fighting against the negativity by convincing myself to give it a chance. UGH! Now I don’t know whether I didn’t like it, liked it, or it was OK.

Reading other peoples opinions they are mixed, but it seems that a large majority really don’t like it. But that raises the question…do they really not like it…or did they read something telling them it was crappy, and they are following the masses by agreeing.

You Like Me, You Really Really Like Me

This really begs the question of whether reviews are actually helpful or not. How many times have marketers created “fake” reviews for products, services, or other things to convince people in a positive or negative way about something? A competitor can do the same thing to your business, community, or product. What happens when the hysteria of the mob takes hold and something that isn’t true (or is exaggerated) becomes the truth?┬áIt is something to consider as more and more people rely on the internet. For some, it is their source of information for everything from health advice to where to go eat.

With great power comes great responsibility. This also makes it even more important to monitor your online presence and make sure what is being said about you, your business, or your community is the truth. Also, when something negative is said you respond by either taking responsibility for the mistake or stating facts to refute it.

In Closing…

Personally, I am not sure the question of whether my opinion of the movie was tainted or not. What I do know is, I may not be as “open-minded” as I once believed. But, I am glad that I was able to recognize the problem and question myself. It tells me there is still hope for humanity and that the mob doesn’t always rule.