International Winter Bike to Work Day February 12th 2016

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International Winter Bike to Work Day February 12th 2016

February 4, 2016 Bicycle Events 2

A website and a movement were started last year as a way to encourage people to get on their bikes and ride in winter. The first year saw some success to ensure it would happen again in 2016. Now the question becomes…How do I participate in International Winter Bike to Work Day? Well that is easy! On February 12th, 2016 choose to ride your bicycle to work, school, while running errands, or anything else you would normally drive your car to do. If you choose you can organize an event or events. For example last year these were some things people did: High fives on a bike path, free coffee, cinnamon buns, bonfires, group rides, homemade buttons, free pancakes, and more.


The point is that you just get out and ride your bicycle in Coeur d’Alene or surrounding area on Friday, February 12th! If I have some time, I may try to organize something to join in on here in Coeur d’Alene. Will let everyone know by Tuesday if I do. Update will be here on the website and on social media channels.

Are you going to commit to ride on Friday? If you do, will it be to work, school, to run errands, or do something else?

International Winter Bike to Work Website: http://winterbiketoworkday.org
Winter Bike to Work on Facebook: Winter Bike to Work Facebook

Rubber Tire Adventures Facebook: Rubber Tire Adventures Facebook
My Twitter Account: Person on a Bike on Twitter
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Don’t forget an opportunity to ride on Tuesday February 9th, 2016!


Meet at Strada Caffe’ between 4:30p and 5pm and enjoy a beverage. Next stop is Kelly’s Irish Pub & Grill to enjoy live music and then on to Daft Badger Brewery for a seasonal brew to to keep your hydration up. Enjoy a meal at either stop or just stay hydrated. Route map on Strava: Fat Tuesday Bike Rides