Idaho Wines Can Be Found in Diverse Tasting Rooms

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Idaho Wines Can Be Found in Diverse Tasting Rooms

November 5, 2017 Bicycle Friendly Community Resources 0
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Come As You Are

If you follow what I do you know that I LOVE when the places I visit are friendly to bicyclists. As most of the time that is how I get there! It is also a bonus when that place isn’t overly picky about your attire. Don’t get me wrong…it is fun to dress up now and then, but most of the time you will find me wearing what is most comfortable. No one needs to be afraid though, spandex is not something I wear as an outside garment.


Red Wine at a Winery


The second thing that is fabulous about this new campaign by the Idaho Wine Commission is that I am a HUGE fan of Idaho wines. Not only do I get to buy something made within a 500-mile radius of where I live, they are delicious. I think it has something to do with the volcanic soil.


Wines As Unique As You Are

Did you know that in Idaho you can ride your bicycle to a local winery? Or that they have yoga and salsa dancing classes in wine tasting rooms? Have you ever listened to live music on a winery patio?

At Idaho wineries, there is something for everyone. A new video from the Idaho Wine Commission
demonstrates just that.



There are more than 50 wineries throughout the state in both rural and urban areas—all featuring a wide range of activities, events, and wine varietals. The video shows just how unique, accessible and fun these tasting rooms are.

Find a winery near you or where you can find Idaho wines here: Idaho Wine Commission