I Watched a School Bus Run a Red Light

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

I Watched a School Bus Run a Red Light

January 28, 2016 Self Improvement 1

I am not a morning person! I like to stay up late and my idea of fun is not getting up at 5:30 am. I WILL do it for certain meeting though and one of those is the Hayden Chamber Networking Breakfast. I am a Board Member after all.

Well this morning was the Hayden Chamber’s Breakfast. It was a fabulous breakfast and I saw a lot of friendly faces that I haven’t connected with in awhile. That always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. So here I was high on coffee, smiles, laughter, and knowledge sitting at the red light at Golf Course Road and Northwest Blvd. heading east. When…I am not shitting you …my light turns green, I am about to let off the clutch and hit the gas when a Yellow School Bus comes screaming in front of me running right through a red light. I know I know…should have gotten the number and the plate off the bus, but I was so dumbfounded by what I just witnessed I didn’t even think about it.

Idiots running red lights is a common occurrence lately. Which is why I always hesitate before proceeding, even when I have the green light. But a SCHOOL BUS! No one should be endangering other drivers, walkers, and bicycle riders by running a red light (or trying to beat the yellow), but never in my wildest dreams did I think a bus driver would be so reckless. I mean they have to stop at all railroad crossings. You would think stopping was something they have perfected.


Angry female driver

This is not me by the way…but it was probably my expression as the bus went by!

Being reckless in a vehicle is a huge issue for me and the solution is not widening or adding roads to support more cars, removing cross walks, and not adding bicycle lanes and sidewalks. You want less traffic? Narrow or close roads to vehicle traffic to force people to choose other options of transportation to avoid congestion. Add more crosswalks to force people to slow down, not eliminate them because people drive like idiots and a pedestrian could be killed. Put in sidewalks, bike lanes, bike trails, etc. so people can feel safe getting where they need to when they choose not drive. Reduce speeds on main city arterials, Interstates and Highways are where people should be traveling at high speed, that is the point of an Interstate or Highway. It is not the point of the street in front of my house or yours!

Slow down people! You do not need to get anywhere that means you should be putting yourself or others in danger. And hey…next time you need to go pick up milk and eggs from the grocery store that is only a few miles from your house…how about you opt to not drive and walk or ride a bike instead.

Going to practice what I preach. Even though it will most likely be raining tomorrow I plan on riding my mountain bike. Will update you on how it went tomorrow night!

Stay safe out there!

Jamie Lynn