Highway 41 Bike/Pedestrian Trail in Post Falls Becoming a Reality

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Highway 41 Bike/Pedestrian Trail in Post Falls Becoming a Reality

March 7, 2016 Bicycle News 0

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The long awaited addition of another safe route for bicyclists or pedestrians in Post Falls is becoming a reality! In the very near future, when you come off of the North Idaho Centennial Trail headed North on Highway 41, there will be an actual trail that people on bikes and people walking can use. No more well traveled dirt single track or dealing with heavy traffic.

When I was on my way to and from the Idaho Department of Labor to speak at the Partners in Business Group last week about Brand Ambassadors; I saw the workers cutting down trees and clearing brush! To say I was excited is an understatement. Now I will be able to get to one of our bicycle friendly businesses Nate’s New York Pizza safely! I think this will be great for the businesses in that area!

Getting ready for Post Falls to Spokane Ride 2014 in Nate’s New York Pizza Parking Lot

However, these updates will bring lane closures and most likely delays for those traveling in that area. If you can find alternate routes or ways to avoid it during the construction it would be a good idea. Here is the latest update from the Idaho Transportation Department on upcoming lane closures while they install a new curb and ramp.

Idaho Transporation Update:

Nighttime lane closures start Thursday for work on Idaho 41

COEUR d’ALENE – Several overnight lane closures are planned for the end of this week (Thr, Fri) and the beginning of next week (Mon, Tue, Wed) on a stretch of Idaho 41 in Post Falls. The work is in preparation for new curb and ramp installation, part of the new bicycle/pedestrian trail project that started March 1.

Anyone want to join me for a ride for pizza and beer when the trail is complete? I plan on doing some kind of ride to showcase the new trail and of course show some Love to one of our bike friendly businesses (or more if we get some more people to sign up before then -since it is FREE I don’t see why we wouldn’t)

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