HBO’s Marketing For Westworld is Nothing Short of Genius

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HBO’s Marketing For Westworld is Nothing Short of Genius

September 11, 2016 Self Improvement 0

I Love creative marketing and this one from HBO for their upcoming show Westworld is AWESOME! 

HBO, (I am an HBO Go subscriber), sent me an email saying I could get early access to the show and it included a website and a code to enter once I went there. 

I clicked the link on my iPhone and it opened in my Safari browser app. What happened when I got there was nothing short of genius! 

The code they gave didn’t do anything, so I tried scrolling, hitting Done a couple times, then by accident I discovered something about the site that isn’t obvious when you are there. 

I went to pinch the screen to move it and see if there was something I was missing. As I pinched inward with my thumbs the screen changed and made a computer screeching sound. I let go as I was not sure what had just happened. Then I decided to try it a couple more times to see if it was a glitch or…something else. It was something else!

When I finally held the pinch instead of letting go, a voice started to speak! I won’t tell you what it said so you can listen for yourselves. 

I was excited about watching this show, but now I am even more intrigued. Hoping it won’t disappoint! 

Here is the link to try it yourself.