Hayden Days Bicycle Show Included in the Car Show 2014

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Hayden Days Bicycle Show Included in the Car Show 2014

July 26, 2014 Bicycle Events 0


Yesterday was day two of the Hayden Days Festivities and this year Napa the sponsors for the Car Show thought that adding some vintage bicycles to the mix would be a good addition. It was!

Tom and Harry of the The Wheelmen of North Idaho were there bright and early to get everything set up and then spend the day chatting with event goers about the bikes.

Ashley (oldest daughter), Megan (youngest daughter), and I walked over later in the afternoon to check out the show and see what else was going on at Hayden Days. It was so much fun listening to the people looking at the bicycles and hearing them say “This looks just like the bike my mom had. I used to ride on the back and it is how we got around.” “I had a bike just like this as a kid.” But by far my most favorite, was hearing the kids excitement when they would see the High Wheel, the bicycle with the side car, or just see one that caught their eye.

We sat people watching for awhile and then ventured out for some lunch and to see what else there was going on at the event. There were several food trucks with a variety of different choices. Booths with clothing, services, or my favorite shiny shit (jewelry). It also had a row of booths that provided different games that kids could play and even a dunk tank.

At 2:30 the Hayden’s Got Talent Show started which seemed to be a big hit with the event goers. The girls and I only caught one of the acts before grabbing Tom something to eat from The Farmer’s Grill food truck. Which I found out later is part of a program doing some great things for at risk teens here in our local community Crosswalk North Idaho.

Tom really enjoyed the sandwich, so if you want to support the program and try it out for yourself the food truck usually sits in the Heritage Health parking lot just off of Lakewood Drive in Coeur d’Alene (Heritage Health address: 1090 N Park Pl, Coeur d’Alene, ID).

All in all it was a great day that ended with Ashley and I grabbing a couple of the bikes when the show ended at 5:00 and pedaling home. The festivities in the Hayden City park continued into the night though with the Swing Street Big Band taking the stage at 7pm.

Whether you are a local or visitor, Hayden Days is worth checking out next year, and since the bike show was a success we will be doing it again in 2015!