Friday Reminded Me To Make Time For Play

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Friday Reminded Me To Make Time For Play

July 31, 2017 Self Improvement 0

It is so much fun to take time off from the usual day to day. This past Friday Tom and I decided to spend the day doing whatever we wanted. On those days the vintage cruisers come out of the garage! Audrey Blue was rolling like a dream.

What could be more FABULOUS! Didn't leave the house until after noon. Had a nice leisurely breakfast for lunch at one of our favorite places. I mean come on! They have mini-zucchini bread as a side option and my favorite omellette is call Courageous. If you are a fan of hot it would be your favorite too!

After a hearty stomach filling meal it was time to get the heart pumping. We rode up to midtown to browse the shops. After downtown midtown is my next favorite place to hang out. There are great places for food and drinks, shopping, and there is a functional piece of art that is a bicycle rack on every block.

So you know, after doing some shopping, beer was in our immediate future. Capone's always has a decent beer selection so away we went to cool off. While we sat there our kids texted that they wanted a few things from the grocery store. Being only a little over a mile away from home and a block from Safeway we decided to take a delivery before continuing our day.

We stayed at home for a bit before heading out to say a fond farewell to some new friends. Quick side note (new friends venture) if you pick up garbage or do good in your community check out this site. You can log your good works to show others they are not alone The Theodores Using some of our thrift store finds we did a bit of screen printing thanks to Ali with AHA Creative.

Then it was time for dinner! Wish I had flowing words of culinary deliciousness to share, but both places we went were under whelming. Which is sad because they have been a couple of our go to places lately. I am getting a bit discouraged as we are starting to run out of places to go. We don't ask for much, decent service, food quality that matches the price tag, and an inviting environment.

When the Hostess powdered mini donuts are the highlight of the evening that is a problem. That was dessert from the Harvest Foods on Sherman Ave. Too scared to try anywhere else lest the disappointment continued.

All I can say is that even though the meals at the end of the evening were a bit of a bust it was still a GREAT day!!! Made me even start to consider taking Fridays off to play and ride every week. Never know… it may happen.

Have you spent a day just having fun lately? What did you do?

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