Friday Night Jamie Wisdom #1

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Friday Night Jamie Wisdom #1

February 6, 2016 Self Improvement 0


So please when shopping at Costco…

  1. Forgive the sample snackers for blocking the aisles and making your shopping experience stressful. They just may need a hug…or a tiny cube of cheese…what every comes first.
  2. Let the person with fewer items go ahead of you in the checkout line. It just feels good.
  3. Put your shopping cart in the shopping cart corals in the parking lot. Not just wherever you see fit.
  4. Help a short person by getting the item for them off the high shelf.
  5. Always smile. It can turn someone elses frown upside down. Or they think you are crazy…works either way.
  6. Drive slowly in the parking lot and watch for walkers and other drivers. It is not the parking lot 500.
  7. Don’t get aggravated at people going down the aisle on the left.¬†They may be British.
  8. It is OK to NOT take the free samples. No one should pressure you into eating something you don’t want.
  9. When it is busy and the lines are long, don’t take it out on the cashier. It is not their fault you chose to shop on the Friday or Saturday before the Super Bowl.
  10. If you are a sample snacker and all you are doing is snacking, maybe leave the cart behind. Because lets be honest…you aren’t fooling anyone.

Just a few tips to make your shopping experience at Costco (or any warehouse store) just a bit better. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Cheers and Ride On!

Jamie Lynn