Do You Know How to Share The Trail As a Bicyclist?

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Do You Know How to Share The Trail As a Bicyclist?

September 8, 2016 Bicycle Tips 0

Do You Know How to Share The Trail As a Bicyclist?

When you are out on a multi-use trail are you being courteous to other trail users? Riding on trails can be a great experience, but you have to remember other people are wanting to enjoy it too. There will be people on foot, people enjoying a slow bicycle ride, people walking their pets, people jogging, people skateboarding, people rollerblading, etc. Most trails have posted speed limits, rules for trail use, and are for non-motorized transportation (excluding motorized wheel chairs etc.). Because there are so many different users as a bicyclist you need to keep that in mind.


Should You Use Multi-Use Trails When Training?

If you are a cyclist training for an event when you look at a trail you think…no stop signs, long straight aways, oh my! But, is that the best place for you to be training? I say no. You are riding with your head down, exceeding the posted trail speed limit, and you create a dangerous situation for yourself and other trail users. I know, I am being a huge downer and I am sure I will get some backlash for this, but reality it reality. Imagine that feeling you get when a vehicle driver speeds through your neighborhood ignoring the posted speed limit, blowing through stop signs (Yes, we have the Idaho Stop for bicycles, but that still doesn’t allow you to just run through when cars are also present), and generally being a danger to everyone. Makes you a bit pissed off doesn’t it. They should follow the laws shouldn’t they. Well…(insert microphone drop here).

Let’s All Learn to Share the Trail

Here are some great videos from The Rails to Trail Conservancy to help you bone up on your trail etiquette, no matter what type of user you are:

Please be Safe Out There!

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