Confession: I am in A Funk

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Confession: I am in A Funk

January 29, 2016 Self Improvement 0

Confession time…ever since Christmas I have been in only what I can call a FUNK. It happens to me now and then. Normally I snap out of it after a few weeks. This one is lasting longer. Littlest things irritate me. Things I usually enjoy don’t interest me. I prefer to sit in my sweats on the couch working or binge watching TV Shows. There have been a couple of weeks where I didn’t have meetings outside the house and I didn’t shower for 5 days straight. I am sure my family appreciated that I was still using deodorant.

Maybe I need a vacation…or even just a weekend where I am responsible for no-one else but me, so I can just “be”. There is nothing I can pinpoint as reasons for this funk. Could be a combination of a lot of little things or could be nothing. It is not even that I am sad. I am just indifferent, which is even worse because what is the cure for indifference?!

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I also have to confess…I did not get out on my bicycle today like I said I would yesterday. When I said it, I really was going to, but then it snowed. I will ride in rain, but currently draw the line at snow. So…I didn’t get out of the house, I didn’t get out of my sweat pants, and I have been sitting on the couch working and binge watching TV shows. I even ordered in pizza, because I just didn’t feel like cooking.

Maybe I will go out tomorrow and ride. I really want a glass of wine, but there isn’t any in the house, so I will have to go out if I REALLY want it. We will see, my funk also makes me personally unreliable. I am still spot on as far as getting work completed for clients, showing up for meetings, etc. It is just anything personal or not client related that I am a bit flaky. So be warned, the normally “punctual be there when needed fun loving Jamie” has checked out at the moment. Working on getting her back, but currently do not have a timeline for her arrival

Anyone else get into this type of a mood? How long does it usually last for you?