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Bicycle Riding in the Cold Is a Breeze

The last few days the temps have been in the 20’s around here and I have still been riding my bicycle. Are you crazy? people keep asking me. The answer is no, I am not crazy. I think you are crazy if you enjoy riding around in a metal box all the time.

January 2, 2019 0

My Longest Ride On a Long Weekend

Since the beginning of the year, my bicycle has been my main form of transport.

May 29, 2018 0
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How Many Grocery Items Can You Carry on Your Bicycle?

I am not suggesting a competition. I am just curious if people who exclusively use their bicycles for transportation shop daily, a few times a week, or weekly. (If someone only goes grocery shopping once a month I definitely want to hear from you!)   My new plan to shop daily for all the food…
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August 8, 2017 4

Re-Usable Grocery Bags For When Riding My Bicycle

I have been slowly collecting accessories and tools that will start to make riding my bicycle every day a reality. My latest find is re-usable, easy clean, compact grocery bags. Now I can still use my own grocery bags when shopping and forgo the plastic without the bulk of my traditional shopping bags. And…they come…
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July 7, 2017 0

Choosing a Bike Isn’t Hard – It is Science

Now and then when out browsing the interwebs I find articles I think are valuable to share. This one on how to choose a bicycle based on Science caught my eye. With the National Bike Challenge still going on until the end of September, you may find that your current bicycle is needing an upgrade!…
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July 7, 2017 0

Blown Bicycle Tire Reminds Me I Need to Learn Basic Bicycle Maintenance

The weather has been sunny and beautiful this past week! Which always excites me; because it means I can start riding my bicycle every day instead of driving my car. I rode my bicycle to almost all my client appointments along with running errands on every day except a couple. Need to work the leg muscles…
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June 20, 2017 0

You Must Always Have Fabulous Shoes

I do not like being up this early…but fabulous shoes always makes it better. Bike Talks this AM at Calypsos Coffee. One of my favorite places to grab a cup of Joe (translates to 20oz quad shot Americano). Morning everyone, hope you have a great day and weekend!

January 14, 2017 0

10 Tips for Riding in Coeur d’Alene Idaho During Winter

10 Tips for Riding in Coeur d’Alene Idaho During Winter Riding a bicycle in the winter around Coeur d’Alene can be tricky and not just because of colder temperatures and snow! It gets darker earlier (like 4PM earlier), snowplowing creates piles of snow that narrow streets, and bike lanes are not on the snow removal workers list…
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December 19, 2016 3

How to Stud Bicycle Tires for Winter Riding

How to Stud Bicycle Tires for Winter Riding Yesterday I did a post on 10 Tips for Winter Riding in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and thought I would expand on one of those tips. I did a search on YouTube for Do It Yourself videos for studding your own bicycle tires and narrowed it down to these…
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December 18, 2016 0

New Bicycle App Found: Bike Computer

I was contacted via email about an app for your smart phone that could come in handy if…and we always hope this stays an if…you get into a bicycle accident. The app is set up to alert your emergency contact or contacts if you have been in a crash. This is especially helpful if you…
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December 17, 2016 0