How Does a Business Participate in Bike to Work Week in Coeur d’Alene Idaho?

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How Does a Business Participate in Bike to Work Week in Coeur d’Alene Idaho?

May 4, 2014 Bicycle News 0

Bike to Work Week in Coeur d’Alene Idaho happens the week of May 12th to May 17th 2014 there are several events already planned, but there are still several ways a business can participate and encourage these bicyclists to come visit you! Here are a few ideas:

1. How about running a special on one of the days for either before or after work riders to come in to your business.

2. Have merchandise that has your logo on it like water bottles, bottle openers, etc.? Why not tell riders if they stop in to your business they get one for free.

3. Do Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts that talk about how close you are to bike lanes and bicycle trails so riders know how to find you.

Here is the list of events that are taking place that you should be taking advantage of:

Monday the 12th: Kick-Off RideWe will meet at 7:30am in the Home Depot Parking Lot and ride down Government Way to City Hall, where we will gather for coffee and doughnuts to talk about the upcoming bike events.

Wednesday the 14th: Moonlight Ride. We will meet at Vertical Earth on Sherman Avenue at 8pm and ride out on the Centennial Trail to Higgins Point and back. We will gather at Moontime afterwards for refreshments. Bring a bike light and wear reflective clothing.

Thursday the 15th: Beer Tasting and a Movie. We will meet at Pilgrims market for beer tasting and a movie about cycling. Beer tasting starts at 6:00pm and the movie starts at 6:30pm.

Saturday the 17th: Roots Pursuit & Awards Ceremony. The event begins at the Community Garden on the corner of 10th and Foster Ave at 10am. After party and awards are from Noon to 2pm.

Let me know if you are wanting some more ideas or help in getting the word out to people to know you are a bicycle friendly business that wants bicyclists to come visit them during Bike To Work Week in Coeur d’Alene.

Some things to know-

Useful Bike Stats:

Bicycle commuting burns an average of 540 calories per hour.

The average person loses 13 lbs in the first year of commuting by bike.

A daily 4-mile bike commute will save about 66 gallons of fuel per year

With 350 calories, a bicyclist can travel 10 miles, a pedestrian 3.5 miles, and an automobile 100 feet.

If the average person biked to work or shopping once every two weeks instead of driving, we could prevent the pollution of close to one billion gallons of gasoline from entering the atmosphere every year.

Since 2000, bike commuting has grown by 62 percent.

There were 864,883 bike commuters in 2012.

83% of Americans say obesity is their No. 1 health concern.

Childrens’ physical inactivity is the No. 1 health concern of parents.

28% of Americans are totally inactive.

If American adults each drove one mile less per day, it would reduce the adult obesity rate by 2.16 percent over six years.

Bikes mean business: In the state of Wisconsin, bike recreation and tourism contribute $924 million annually to the economy.

Bikes mean business: In the state of Iowa, bicyclists create a health savings of $87 million each year.

For a 150-lb woman, bicycling at less than 10 miles per hour, burns about 300 calories in 60 minutes.

Women who biked just four hours per week were less likely to gain weight over a period of six years than women who didn’t ride.

Bicycling just 20 miles per week reduces women’s risk of heart disease by 50%.

Active commuting — biking and walking — reduces women’s risk of cardiovascular disease by 13% (compared to 9% for men).

Women with an active commute of just 30 minutes were half as likely to suffer heart failure as women who didn’t have an active commute.

Women who walk or bike 30 minutes per day had a lower rate of breast cancer.

42% of American women say “people to bike with” would encourage them to ride more.

Cheers and Ride On!

Jamie Lynn