Bicycle Riding in the Cold Is a Breeze

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Bicycle Riding in the Cold Is a Breeze

January 2, 2019 Bicycle Tips Clothing 0

First Ride of the New Year

Dear Diary,

The last few days the temps have been in the 20’s around here and I have still been riding my bicycle. Are you crazy? people keep asking me. The answer is no, I am not crazy. I think you are crazy if you enjoy riding around in a metal box all the time.

You miss: the musical opera of birds singing, finding fun shops you don’t know exist cause you are always speeding past at 30+ miles per hour, saying hello to fellow community members, stopping to smell the flowers, and even on a chilly day getting to experience being one with nature.

My winter riding clothes this morning.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Besides, you have to change how you dress with the seasons even if you drive everywhere. Trust me, layering is your friend. For example, the photo above shows what I wore to ride to the office today. No spandex, no parka, no special gear, only things right out of my own closet.

What I Wore

Here is how I was layered on top of my undergarments:

  1. Cuddle Duds moisture wicking thermal top and bottom. (Bought new at Kohls. (Can’t get myself to buy things that are used that may touch my private parts)
  2. Rock and Republic Fever Denim RX Pull on Jeans in black (Bought used from thredUp.com)
  3. Black basic t-shirt (Bought a year ago new from Shopko)
  4. Xhilaration Bomber Jacket (Used from thredUp)
  5. Red Faux Leather Jacket (Bought new from Maurices)
  6. Under mittens are a pair of red finger gloves (Bought new for a $1 a year ago at Shopko)
  7. Mittens knit by a local friend
  8. Sparkle Beanie (Used from Poshmark.com)
  9. Can’t see it, but have a buff around my neck to cover my face when riding. (New in a pack of a dozen of them for $10. Can’t remember where I bought them. Was about three years ago.)
  10. Motorcycle clear lens glasses with wind protection. (New 2 years ago from Amazon.com in a set of 2 – others have sunglass lenses.)
  11. Neoprene shoe covers (Used and free from a friend who wasn’t using them anymore. Have a second pair that I purchased new online from an online retailer)

And, that is how you do it! This year I am going to buy anything new I need from locally owned businesses along with anything used from our local thrift stores. Need to start walking the talk. I say buying local is how you create a more viable community I should start being sure I am doing it myself.

Walk the Talk

Can’t stand on a platform talking about buying local and do my grocery shopping at Walmart. Right?!

Now, how about showing me how you dress for the weather? Post them in the comments or use the hashtag #winterbicyclegear when you post on Instagram or Twitter.