Are You An Advocate or a Shit Stirrer?

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

Are You An Advocate or a Shit Stirrer?

January 20, 2017 Advocacy 1

I sat here going back and forth inside my head on whether I should post something or just let it go. It would be easier to let it go. Just ignore it like I have in the past, but my ears just keep getting hotter.

There is a huge difference in being an ADVOCATE for a cause and being a SHIT STIRRER.  An advocate appreciates the moments they are asked to the table to discuss issues they are passionate about. A shit stirrer gets invited to the table then spits in the faces of those that invited them. Advocates continue to be invited. I will give you one guess what happens to the other.

Yes, sometimes there have to be tough conversations and tough questions need to be asked, but when you completely disregard other people; you aren’t helping the cause. When you are invited to provide your comments and input; you don’t bite the hand that feeds. At times we have to celebrate the small victories that will help us get to the big victory.

There is enough fear, hate, and divisiveness around us today. We don’t need to be creating more. What we need is more encouragement, love, and cooperation. I don’t like bullies and if the only way you can advocate for something is by scaring, belittling, and bullying you are not my kind of advocate…you are a shit!