Already Broke One of My New Year Resolutions

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Already Broke One of My New Year Resolutions

January 3, 2019 Advocacy Community People First 0

One of my resolutions this year was not to use a certain F word when referring to people who are bad driver’s. I made it a day… #biking #banrightonred— 💜 Jamie Lynn Morgan 🚲 (@IdahoBikeLife) January 3, 2019

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Get Off Your F-ing Phone

Dear Diary,

(Warning: This is a soapbox post and I may at one point sound like I am ranting.)

I had vowed to be more positive and full of light this year. Then every person driving I encountered on my 2.5 mile ride to my office a couple of days ago decided it was a day to have their eyes on their phone instead of on the road.

How do they think they can do it? I can’t even walk and look at my phone at the same time without veering hard to one side, tripping over something, or bumping into obstacles. But when I am doing that, odds are the only person I am going to injure is myself. When you are looking at your phone while driving and not the road you risk killing or seriously injuring someone else not to mention yourself.

It Makes My Blood Boil

I probably shouldn’t let it get me so upset, but when I see someone driving a rolling death machine not even looking at the road I lose my mind. Especially when they are near a school or area where you can encounter a lot of people walking or riding.

And, let”s not forget the visually impaired in our community who rely on an audible signal to alert them to cross the street, but some dumb ass who is not looking decides that they don’t even need to stop when turning right on red. Hint: They can’t see you or be able to get out of your way. YOU should be looking for them!!!!

Driving Is a Privlege Not a Right

Not sure when our society became so motor vehicle centric. All I can say is the vehicle manufacturers did a really good job with their marketing campaigns to brainwash generations of people. I remember when I was in High School people using the phrase “Second class driving beats first class walking” What does that even mean?!!!!

We have created a society where we don’t have to care about other people because we don’t have to interact with each other anymore. With food and coffee drive-thru’s, drive up bank windows, online delivery for anything you could imagine (even groceries), garages with auto openers, and even working remotely from our homes. It is a shut in’s dream, but I am not so sure it is a good thing. When does convenience actually become a detriment?

Something Needs to Give

Regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not the reality is we are facing the pollution of our air, water, and farmland at massive levels. The amount of car exhaust I encounter every morning is obnoxious!

What happens when we all have to wear respirators, there is a mass shortage of drinkable water, and vegetation can no longer grow? No, it probably isn’t going to happen in my lifetime or that of my children, but do we sit back and do nothing and wait for our extinction? Because at some point there will be a point of no return.

Our children are becoming unhealthier by the minute. With rates of diabetes and other diseases at higher rates than ever recorded before. They don’t even get to be children anymore. What happened to neighborhood kids playing games in the street? Oh, yeah they are all inside playing video or computer games. Because at some point we have prioritized machines over people.

In some cities there is no more space for another motor vehicle, they have paved everything they can. When do we say enough is enough?

Enough is Enough

Well, I have said enough is enough. I spent this past year riding my bicycle as my main form of transportation and 2019 is not going to be any different. To be completely honest, I can’t even stand getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive anymore.

This year will be the year I find ways to get others out of their metal boxes if it is even for only one day a month. I am not telling everyone they need to ditch their cars. All I want is for those of you who continue to drive to start paying attention, stop for people trying to cross the street, realize someone riding a bicycle has as much right to the road as you do, and stop looking at your damn phone!!! Whatever it is can wait!!!

Think about it…for every person who chooses not to drive that is one less car to clog up your commute, an extra parking spot at your destination, and you get cleaner air. You are welcome!