Bicycle Adventures

Almost The End of June 2019

Not Writing As Much as I Had Hoped

So, I haven’t been as diligent as I had hoped about keeping up on posting more often. Did really well for a week or two and then crickets. There have been things to write about that is not the problem, I simply havent been making the time.

Isn’t that really what all of us struggle with, TIME? For me I can get into a routine of doing something for quite a bit of time, but at some point I get derailed. I sleep in one day and stay up too late another. I don’t keep control of my schedule and book myself appointments that don’t mesh with my new routine.

Jamie Morgan's feet in Tan Birkenstocks.
My Birks – and Yes I ride in them

When You Feel Like Shit

Lately, I have been dealing with some chronic fatigue and unexplained muscle and joint pain. It is not from riding, as that is honestly the only time I actually feel really good as well as wide awake. It creeps in on me when I am at home doing housework, working on projects, or simply trying to get out of bed.

Of course according to the internet I am most likely dying or have some rare disorder that can not be explained via modern medicine. My educated guess though…pre-menopause. The onset of symptoms started to be more frequent last year with them seeming to be a tad bit more severe this year.

From before my first period started I have had issues with hormone balance, so I expected this roller coaster ride wouldn’t end any different. Was hoping it would be more of a kiddie coaster though than the corkscrew.

Slay Girl Slay Coffee Cup at Ten/6 Restaurant

Hay is For Horses But I’ve Got the Fever

When you add on my hay fever this time of year there have been a few days this week that were downright miserable. (Today is one of those days). It really sucks when your hubby tries to do something nice for you by weed whacking the backyard, but because the back door was open I now can’t breathe on top of wanting to crawl back into bed after taking a handful of ibuprofen.

I have so much more respect for people who have chronic illnesses that have them feeling this way all day every day. Mine will fade away once my body gets back in sync with itself, theirs will not.

So if you have a friend out there who struggles with a chronic issue give them a bit of extra Love and extra Slack on the days they are grumpy. Because I would be a raging bitch if this was my everyday existence.

Leopard Print Light Jacket from Kohls

Going to Be More Consistent

Now that my whining is done I am going to say that I will be writing more consistently moving forward. I want to add more of my bicycle outfits (found some great new used items I have added to my closet) as well as talk more about my bicycle adventures. Thinking I might start doing some short videos as those can be done in the moment which I may be more likely to do.

Stay with me! I promise I want to add more value and fun to this blog because you to can choose to ride your bicycle more often and to more places!!!

I am not a cyclist. β€” I am a wife, mother of three, business owner, business coach, community advocate, & human being who happens to ride a bicycle.