After the Fat Tuesday Bicycle Ride Week One

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

After the Fat Tuesday Bicycle Ride Week One

February 2, 2016 Bicycle Events 0

Every chance you get out on your bicycle is another opportunity to experience something new, see something you haven’t seen before, and learn something to use the next time you ride.

What I learned from last nights Fat Tuesday Bicycle ride:

  1. Don’t EVER ride without your padded bicycle shorts. I don’t care how short a distance you are riding, your butt will thank you!
  2. Making sure you have nice thick gloves that will keep your fingers warm while riding in cold weather.
  3. Greasy food, no matter how delicious, is not always your friend.
Bicycle JC Higgins

My 60’s JC Higgins (obviously not recent photo)

The ride was actually really fun! In total, Tom and I did a little over 5 miles of riding as we opted to ride all the way from home to one of the stops along the route. (Tom was installing a furnace so getting to the first location between 4:30 and 5pm just wasn’t in the cards.) We also chose to break out the vintage cruisers which means we weren’t moving all that fast. They are fun to ride though.

I did make the mistake of eating too many greasy food items, so not only did I have a sore bum, my digestive system was not very happy with me. Next time I will remember to skip the grease and go for some lighter options. It should be easy to do as there are two restaurants on the route: Kelly’s Irish Pub on Fourth St. and Daft Badger Brewing on Second St.

My biggest success though was making sure I was layered appropriately. It is amazing what a difference that can make.  Besides, who can beat getting out with friends and other bicycle riding enthusiasts to enjoy riding, food, and drinks!

Fat Tuesday Bicycle Ride Week 1

I think if you follow my tips above, those in the 10 Tips for Winter Riding, and your own trial and error, riding in colder temps will become just as easy as riding the rest of the year! If you are in the Coeur d’Alene area and don’t have anything planned for your Tuesday nights in February come and join us. The more the merrier!

For anyone who curious about what I chose to wear for the ride here is my Polyvore collection I put together with all of my layers! Keep in mind…next time this will include padded bicycle shorts and warmer gloves for my fingers.