A Walk a Day Helps the Funk Go Away

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

A Walk a Day Helps the Funk Go Away

January 31, 2016 Self Improvement 0

So…as anyone who has been following my blog knows…I have been a bit of a funk. I am one of those people that without sunshine I start to wither away. Now I know what helps, but here is the conundrum. When you are in a funk you don’t feel like doing anything, so you don’t do anything. But, the cure to your funk is getting out and being active. Hmmm…so this is the part where you have to ignore your inner voice. You have to make yourself get out of the sweats, put on your walking shoes, and get outside.


View East from the archway on the CdA Resort Boardwalk

Well, I went against my inner voice pleading that I just stay in my favorite chair watching TV. I put on my walking shoes and went outside. Amazing what a little bit over 4 miles around downtown Coeur d’Alene can do for your mood. I know I am definitely looking toward this next week with new eyes. I recommend a dose of daily walking for anyone who may be battling a bit of the funk themselves. It is obviously not the solution to everything, but it doesn’t hurt.


Top of the archway looking West on the CdA Resort Boardwalk

I have also been looking into what might have made this particular funk last a bit longer than usual. I came up with a bunch of different things I think have contributed to my overall malaise, but those are topics for other blog posts. Apparently, I have a some things I need to deal with. Don’t we all?!

Anyway, it is good to be feeling a bit more like myself and I am looking forward to getting back out into the world again! Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what adventure it will bring.

Be True to Yourself and Live Like You Mean it!

Jamie Lynn