A Full Four Days of No Driving

Middle Aged Woman on a Bicycle

A Full Four Days of No Driving

January 26, 2018 Bicycle Adventures 0

On a Roll

This week I managed to ride my bike for four days straight and no car driving. I plan on riding tomorrow too, which would make it a five-day streak. Plus, this month I have been able to ride and not drive at least 3-4 days a week since the 9th.

The weather has been pretty nice to me with only a couple of days of wet. It is amazing how good it makes me feel. There is something about slowing down that makes you think about things differently.

My Own Clothes – Bicycle Uniform Still Works

Holding true to my other posts about not having to buy “special” clothes to ride I have stayed true to my word. I also still believe you don’t have to spend a fortune to find what is needed to stay warm.

I have deviated a bit from my original formula, but the principle stays the same. Buy solid colors that work together. When you find a t-shirt or pants that you Love, buy a 2-3. And…never forget to check the seasonal sales for great deals on clothes.

Found some great moisture wicking long underwear for uber cheap at Shopko recently. They are thin, so they fit under jeans and the tops can be worn under sweaters or blazers. (At the bottom of the post will share my new bicycle uniform formula).

It Is Not Always Fun, But It Is Fulfilling

Most days I Love riding. There are those days like today though, where it is not a box of chocolates. What I think about on the not so great days are the good times. Between the swearing and mild complaining.

What I want you all to know, if you are thinking of riding yourself, there will be days you want to give up. Don’t! Because the good days and the benefits of choosing pedal power instead of gas powered are worth the stinging sleet, broken pedal, and you aren’t wearing your waterproof pants days.

Join Me and Start Riding This Year

Choosing to not drive doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey. (Although that is the only way I finally quit being a daily cigarette smoker 20+ years ago.) Try riding a mile or two to the closest grocery store, coffee house, or? Replace one driving trip a week with a bicycle ride. You never know you might like it so much that we will end up enjoying those sleety or sunny days together. In the spirit of course! Unless you live close by and enjoy coffee.

Also, we can follow each others riding journeys here. I like this app because I don’t feel the same pressure I get from Strava to be some super rider. I am not a super rider. Prefer the slow roll myself. Riding is awesome!

Join Love to Ride and let’s get more people enjoying the freedom of two wheels. More info here: https://www.lovetoride.net/usa?ic=659cd90a&locale=en-US

Bicycle Uniform Formula

Colors: Purple, Black, and Yellow

Pants: 2 pair black Giro waterproof riding pants, 2 pair plum jeggings from Maurices, 2 pair black stretchy jeans, and 1 pair plum dress pants.

Leggings: 4 pair black leggings – 2 Capri length and 2 long.

Shorts: 4 pair black

Shirts: 4-6 short sleeve shirts in either black or purple. 2-4 long sleeve shirts in either black or purple (I opted to use the moisture wicking long underwear).

Dresses: 2-4 dresses that can also double as something you can wear over jeans or leggings. 1-2 for special occasions and dress up.

Skirts: 2-4 short skirts you can wear shorts or leggings under. 1 long plum skirt.

Blazers: 4-5 in various styles and in black, purple, and yellow

Sweatshirts: 3-4 I have some I really love that work great as layering pieces.

Jackets: Waterproof coat with a fleece lining for winter, light weight waterproof jacket for spring/fall, and a long coat for those dress days.

Vests: 2 vests one heavy for cold and one light for spring summer. Great for layering without the bulk of full jacket.

Footwear: 4 pair Converse tennis shoes (favorite are my black slip ons), 1 pair of black knee high leather boots, 2 pair comfortable but cute flats, and a couple pair of heels.

Accessories: Waterproof backpack that can be folded up into a pouch when not in use. Waterproof crossbody bag, 2 pair wool mittens, 1 pair fingerless riding gloves, pair of motorcycle riding glasses with clear lenses and another pair with UV tinted lenses, 6 pair of socks (for all seasons), scarves and/or buffs, and variety of beanies, baseball caps, or other fun hats. Especially beanies if you wear a bicycle helmet.

You can make yours even less complicated or more. Decided to expand mine as I already owned a lot of these pieces and figured it was better to incorporate them than get rid of them.

To save money when replacing a worn out item I always shop thrift/consignment stores first. If I can’t find what I am looking for, I then shop in this order: discount stores (Shopko, Ross, TJ Maxx), department stores/specialty stores for sale items (Macy’s, Maurices), then online.

Love to hear your ideas!!!